HUB Routes


1. Birkenhead Park
Our cycle rides in Birkenhead Park use both upper and lower parts of the park. The distance per lap is exactly 2 miles. Our starting points will be from the South Lodge of The Grand Entrance. Our stop off point will be at The Visitor Centre. Did you know? Central Park in New York was based on the design and style of Birkenhead Park in 1850.
2. New Brighton
Our cycle rides will start from Victoria Road, New Brighton and travel south to Seacombe Ferry terminal along the promenade. The total distance is 2.5 miles one-way. Did you know? New Brighton to Seacombe promenade is the longest promenade in the UK.
3. Liverpool Waterfront
Our cycle rides start from Otterspool Promenade and head north to the Royal Albert Dock. The total distance is 2.5 miles one way. Did you know? The Royal Albert Docks have the greatest concentration of Grade 1 listed architecture anywhere in the UK.

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