We receive hundreds of bikes each year to fix and maintain to provide for our communities.

By donating an unwanted or unused bike to the HUB simply provides someone with a bike to ride within two weeks of HUB receiving it. Our team are experienced in the recycling element of bikes and work hard to bring bikes back to life.

We are pleased to take in any type of bike and size in any condition. If you are looking to purchase a bike from the HUB we will be happy to provide a discount in exchange for a damaged or unwanted bike.

Please click here if you would like to donate funds to our Recycle Centre


Local Champions

Over the last year, we have many stories of local champions that have brought in many bikes for services and repairs to get their community cycling again. We have a number of local community champions that have been working tirelessly to get more of their neighbours cycling by bringing their neighbours bikes into the shop for services and repairs.

These people share our passion and are helping to create a cycling culture and make cycling the best option for transport locally.

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