Cycle Culture

From 10 primary schools we visited in our communities last year we found that in an average size school of 250 pupils, 75% of children had bikes.

Of the 75% that had bikes 30% of the bike owners said their bike was broken. When speaking to the pupils we found that the main problems were that the tyre has a flat tyre, the brakes don’t work or the chain had fallen off.

When speaking with customers that visit our Bike Shop we find that local bike shops prices are too expensive for everyday faults on bikes.

If the parents can’t afford for bikes to be fixed and don’t know how to fix basics on a bike then the child’s bike will stay broken for some time. Many bikes we receive weekly as donations are bikes that have had one fault and have been left in a back garden or yard for 2 years and have become rusty. Many of the bikes tyres still have tread on them due to the fact they have never been ridden for long periods.

HUB aims to change the cycle culture and we aim to educate children in schools in basic bike maintenance. Once you learn how to repair a puncture, you never forget. And you can then show your bother, sister, cousin, Mum or Dad. This keeps families cycling, helping to enhance health and well-being and also the local environment.



Surveys from Park Primary

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